Your Baby’s Microbiome: Setting the foundations for a healthy future


Your microbiome is the diverse community of microorganisms which live within your body. These microbes are vital to our existence. They aid digestion, produce vitamins and neurochemicals, interact with our hormones, and protect us from infection. In return we give them an ideal place to live. We couldn't live without them, and they couldn't live without us. Emerging research shows that how we birth and feed our babies can have a life-long impact on their microbiome and their health.

What’s so great about breastfeeding?

'Fed is best', 'Breast is best'. Go to any article or Facebook post concerning infant feeding and you'll more than likely see one of these two phrases, and no doubt a lot of arguments about it in the comment section. I hate them both. Neither is true, and neither is remotely helpful to a woman who is trying to decide how to feed her baby, so isn't it time we started moving away from such restrictive language?

Crochet boobs (free pattern!)

Crocheted boobs are a brilliant tool for teaching mums about breastfeeding, and for showing them techniques which may make breastfeeding easier. (They also make awesome toys for Boobie Babies! The smallest boob shown in the photo above is actually a rattle!). As breasts come in all shapes and sizes, this pattern is very versatile. You … Continue reading Crochet boobs (free pattern!)