Messy play: Edible paint!

I LOVE messy play. Babies and children learn best through play, and getting messy allows them to explore with all of their senses and contributes enormously to their cognitive and physical development. There is nothing like messy play to foster your child’s curiosity and imagination.

How to make edible paint

Edible paint is fantastic for allowing your baby to explore colours and patterns. It’s slightly thicker than regular paint, so it’s great for squelching between tiny fingers and toes! It’s also a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills, making marks with their fingers, a paint brush, potato prints, or anything else you can think of. It gets very messy! So this is one that I like to do in the morning, then my baby can play for an hour or so then go straight in the bath, have a nap and be squeeky clean and refreshed in time for lunch.

These ‘paint pots’ can be purchased here
(affiliate links)

I found these baby food storage pots really handy to make the paint in and keep the colours separate, and I also got this great set of cheap paint brushes and sponges for making lots of different marks and patterns

This paint is made with just three ingredients: flour, water, and food colouring!

You can add as much or as little of each ingredient as you like to make different consistencies and colours. I used a teaspoon of flour to each pot, added water and whisked briskly until it formed a thin paste, then added a couple drops of natural food colouring.

As you can see, my son loved it!

As this messy play is edible, it is suitable from 6 months. The first few times we tried it, I sat my son in his highchair to contain the mess, but it’s also a great one for the tuff spot if your little one wants a bit more room to get creative!

You can purchase a tuff spot here
(affiliate links)

Noah loves using edible paint in the garden, because our pet chickens think it’s delicious!

Straight in the bath!

Don’t be put off by the mess! As long as you wipe it up before it dries then it’s an easy clean up, and the kids can have an extra playtime in the bath!

More messy play: Edible sand!

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