Messy Play: Spaghetti painting!

I am a huge fan of messy play. Babies and children learn through play. Getting messy and exploring different colours, textures, tastes etc allows their imagination to run wild and contributes enormously to their cognative development.

How to make a spaghetti paintbrush

What child doesn’t love painting? It’s messy, it’s fun, and it can keep them entertained for hours. Using a paintbrush is great, but switching it up with different materials helps them to get creative and let’s them explore different patterns.

Spaghetti paint brush

Making a spaghetti paintbrush is easy! All you need is some dry spaghetti and some string. Tie the spaghetti in a bunch and dip one end into a pan of boiling water. Once the spaghetti softens a bit it will bend, so you can leave half in the water and half hanging out whilst it cooks. You don’t want it to be fully cooked or it will break easily and go mushy, you just need it soft enough that the cooked end will move about easily. Once your spaghetti is done, take it off the heat and rinse the cooked end under cold water to cool it down and remove any stickiness.

A tuff spot comes in handy for this!
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This messy play can be done in a highchair or just at your kitchen table, but a tuff spot comes in very handy. You can get one from amazon here. My son decided that painting the paper wasnt enough, he climbed right into the tuff spot tray and started paining himself too!

He also had loads of fun pulling the spaghetti apart and swirling it around to make different patterns

He got absolutely covered! It was so much fun! My son went straight in the bath, and the tuff spot got hosed down in the garden so, despite how messy this looks, the clean up was easy!

We used regular poster paint, but you could also use edible paint to make this a completely edible activity, safe for younger babies!

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